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LUXnet illuminates the subconsciousness of your customers

Consumer Behavior

We are a synergetic network of scientists and practitioners

Our focus lies on the future consumer behaviour with regard to:


  • Optimal pricing

  • Subconscious reaction to advertising material

  • Increase of the conversion rate in retail

The latest scientific findings from neurological research and behavioural psychology are used. Compared to classical market research methods, we achieve a success rate of up to 90% based on the actual willingness of the potential customer to pay a certain price, as well as based on the acceptance of advertising material.

This makes us the first Consumer Behavior Consultant Company to measure the success of advertising, to determine the optimal price, and to work out the conversion rate in retail and make it available as a successful MIS-tool.


LUXnet reveals the subconsciousness of your consumers!



Making the invisible visible

NeuroMarketing, NeuroPricing®, Retail Analytics



Does your advertising achieve your goals?

With us you have the consumers under control. 
Steve Jobs had a simple motto: "It's not the consumers' job to figure out what they want."  You have to find out what the customers want.

We open the black box and let you explore the inside. So you understand their real needs, wants and aspirations, then marketing is easy.

Because we make marketing predictable!
Marketing is becoming a science. The science of predicting which products consumers will buy, which advertisements will get a response and which brands will succeed.

So you spend your budget where it works!
Market research costs money. But well invested, you save! Neuromarketing studies have shown that you achieve the highest return on investment.


Do you really know what your customers are willing to pay for your product?

NeuroPricing® determines the perceived value.  NeuroPricing® shows which price best fits your product and which price your customers are willing to pay. Increase your profit, your marketing ROI and use your R&D budget wisely.


NeuroPricing® forecasts the demand curve.

Consumers can hardly predict their future behavior. Our EEG-brain-scan data identifies the demand curve much more precisely than classical methods.


Retail Analytics with RetailFlux

Increase the conversion rate

Optimize your retail space
Identify where the high turnover areas in your store are.

Sell more by adapting a better product placement strategy. Match your resources perfectly to the customer behavior in your store.

Evaluate your marketing actions and campaigns.

Measure store traffic effectively
Customer frequency and conversion-reports are the most important measures for retail store management in the 21st century. Visitor counting in combination with sales figures reflects the most basic and beneficial KPI, namely the conversion rate, to evaluate store performance.




NeuroPricing Study "Market Launch"

Which price would customers pay for a new product? We tested 4 target groups that could potentially use this product for different reasons.

Result: For each target group, we determined the feel-good price, as well as demand and sales curves that allow a targeted pricing strategy.

Design store traffic effectively

In the shopping centres and stores we work with, we know where shoppers are, where they go, what they buy and when they buy.

Visitor and queue management under Covid 19

Should access to business continue to be regulated with high personnel costs? Our solution automates visitor management and offers further analysis options. Let's talk about it!


Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Kai-Markus Müller

Founder, NeuroPricing ®



Founder, Neurensics ®

Prof. Dr. Steven Scholte


Founder, Retail Analytics ®

Jan Hillesand

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